Saturday, September 20, 2008

Neva Furget.

One of my favorite holidays is 9/11. My calender says today is "Patriot's Day," I had no idea they actually appointed it a real holiday. Why didn't this happen sooner?

I look forward to this particular day every year and every year I want to have a 9/11 themed party where everyone dresses up as a character from 9/11. Someone could come as an airplane pilot or a burning tower or even a terrorist; doesn't matter as long as you dress up. Unfortunately it has yet to happen, maybe next year. This year my friends and I still celebrated by stopping at Fred Meyer's after work and purchasing some "Freedom Fries;" I even sent everyone a "Happy 9/11!" text message first thing that morning. I also spent the whole day at work harassing my co-workers by saying, "You must hate freedom because you aren't wearing the colors of freedom: Red, White, & Blue!" I was actually surprised that I saw no one at work decked out in red, white, & blue. I think everyone just dropped the ball this year, and they said they'd "Never Forget!" What a bunch of dirty liars!

By the way, doesn't this cake look yummy? Certain people get offended by situations or events they think they are expected to be offended by; but in reality it's too ridiculous not to be funny. I personally think this cake is amazing...amazingly funny. Of course it is obviously missing a few key elements. Where are the plastic airplanes and fire? What, no little plastic fireman? Unfortunately this cake is a honest tribute to that memorable day in history as where is should be about hyper-irony. Some people might say this cake is,"Too soon!" I say this cake is, "Not soon enough!" More awesome cakes can be found at Cake Wrecks.

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jasonfgc said...

You and all your cronies friends should burn in scorching Hellfire for blaspheming God's country.

Die, bitch.